Inner Wisdom Retreat

July 30th 16.00u – 22.00u +
July 31st 06.00u – 17.00u

The day to day lives of many women can oftentimes be very hectic and demanding. Finding the time to slow down and reconnect with ourselves in order to find inner peace and harmony can be quite challenging. Life might seem as though there is little to no time to engage in practices and activities that nourishes the mind, body and soul. 

This is exactly why we, Willeke, Ellis and Kristel, decided to organize this very special 2-day Women Inner Wisdom Retreat.

We’ll be hosting our retreat in a nice and peaceful location in the middle of the beautiful island of Aruba on July 30th from 16.00u-22.00u and 31st 06.00u-17.00u 2021. Our aim is to help women to reconnect with and reclaim their inner wisdom so it becomes easier for them to get back in touch & tune with their bodies. 

What can you expect during our 2-day retreat: 
Healthy & balanced meals and beverages
Yoga sessions
1-1 Bio-tensor sessions
A Meditative Nature Hike
An Ecstatic Dance practice
A workshop on Feminine Embodiment

Due to covid there will be no overnight accomodations.

If any of the above has made you excited & curious, then join us on this 2-day journey!

Early Bird
€ 120 / AWG 265

€ 137,50 / AWG 300

Once we received your registration via the contact form on this website we will reach out to you to confirm your booking.
Your booking is only complete when we’ve received the fully payment.

If you cancel before July 12th you will receive a full refund.
If you cancel between July 12th and the 25th you will receive a 50% refund.
No refunds for cancellations after July 25th with the exception of the following:
If you find another person to replace you then we will refund you the full amount. Please be advised however that the person who takes your spot needs to pay the full amount within 24hrs of your cancellation for this to apply.

For questions you can always reach out to any one of us.

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